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Victory Debuts VX100, "The Super Kraken," Amplifier

Victory Amps has announced its new VX100, "The Super Kraken," amplifier. Developed with Dorje guitarist Rabea Massaad, the VX 100 "Super Kraken" is the follow-up to Victory's VX "The Kraken" amplifier.

The VX100 features 100 watts of 6L6 power, a Gain I channel—with a new footswitchable clean mode, plus a footswitchable Preamp Focus function to add a little juice and cut to any and all modes—a preset Bass Focus option in the power section, a footswitchable FX loop, assignable/footswitchable dual masters, full MIDI switching capability and plus a 30-watt low-power mode.

The VX100 also has external bias test and adjustment points. It weighs 12.5kg (27.5lbs), measures 480(w) x 235(h) x 235mm(d) and has 4 x 12AX7 and 4 x 6L6 valves. It will be available starting in March 2018 for $1,699.

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