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Video: Gotham Stands Introduces "The World's First Modular Guitar Stand"

We have a new piece of gear for you — the Gotham Stand, the world's first modular guitar stand — complete with a promo video shot for this year's Winter NAMM Show.

From the guys at Gotham Stands:

"Jonny Coffin has merged forces with Southern California design engineers Esteban Cortina and Eric Granillo to create the most groundbreaking guitar-stand-support systems: Gotham Stands. The rail comes together with a linking system so you can change your multi-stand from three to six to nine and so on."

The Gotham Stand incorporates a gravity-activated system that puts zero stress on your guitar's neck.

The Gotham Stand will be launched this spring or summer.

For more information, visit And be sure to check out the photo gallery below, where you'll find more information about Gotham Stands and some other nice stuff.

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