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ZZYZX Snap Jack Cables

NOTHING IS MORE embarrassing than having the cable jerked out of your guitar by some bumblefooted vocalist. Even worse is when that action adds injury to insult by damaging the output jack on your guitar or the input jack on your amp.

  • The Jodavi ZZYZX Snap Jack guitar cable offers an ingenious solution to this potential problem by using a magnetic design
  • that allows the jack to detach from the cable only when it is subjected to excess tension. Even better, the jack detaches without making any popping or screeching noises you'd normally encounter when unplugging a standard guitar cable from an amp, allowing you to change guitars onstage in silence.

Snap Jack cables are available in 15- and 20-foot lengths with
straight or angled jacks, and the package includes extra jack tips, which are also sold separately. The cable provides the sound quality of a premium cable and its rugged design can withstand years of bumbling mishaps. The jack tip detaches with just the right amount of pressure that makes it easy to switch instruments but difficult to unplug accidentally.