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10 Essential Tips for Flying with Your Guitar

Scott from Scott’s Bass Lessons uploaded this information-packed video on flying with a bass—but the rules apply just as well to guitarists, so it’s worth taking some time to watch it.

Scott’s advice can go a long way toward preventing damage and abuse to your prized instrument. He has some 20 years of professional experience, so he has a lot of insights to share.

His tips include how to prep your instrument and case for flight, how to deal with check-in and gate checks, stealth suggestions for getting your instrument on the plane rather than in the hold, and much more.

He also offers a practical tip to help prevent online price gouging: use your browser’s Incognito mode. “Airlines track your cookies on your computer, and as you search around the airlines you’ll see that prices are going up,” he notes. “This is a super-evil airline marketing technique where they’re adding scarcity.”

Take a look, and be sure to visit Scott’s YouTube channel for more.