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24 Easy Jazz Chords Every Guitar Player Should Know

(Image credit: Melville Crump)

If you know your open and barre chords and are looking for something more interesting to add to your arsenal, this lesson will be perfect for you.

Guitar instructor Darrell Braun shows you 24 easy jazz chords you can use to add some harmonic interest to your playing. He demonstrates E-string-rooted 7 chords you can use as substitutes for standard chords, as well as a 7(#5), which can be used as a turnaround chord. He also demonstrates 9th chords rooted on the A string, as well as a selection of his favorite chords.

Take a look. If you’re interested in learning more, you can pick up Darrell’s Jazz 101 Worksheet on Etsy by clicking here.

Be sure to visit Darrell’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.