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Betcha Can't Play This: Ethan Brosh's C Lydian Voyage, with Tap and Bend

In this brand-new edition of Betcha Can't Play This, metal guitarist Ethan Brosh (using a Fender HM Strat) demonstrates a lightning-fast C Lydian lick that sounds a bit like The Simpsons theme, at least at the very beginning.

As with the other new-for-2014 "Betcha Can't Play This" video by Brosh, which we shared last week, this is an expanded version (nearly six minutes long) of the usually brief "Betcha" videos on

Also, note that there are no tabs, since Brosh explains key left- and right-hand techniques in the clip.

For two other Betcha Can't Play This columns by Brosh, check out Betcha Can't Play This: Guitarist Ethan Brosh Lays Down the Challenge and Betcha Can't Play This: Diminished Madness with Guitarist Ethan Brosh. You'll find more under RELATED CONTENT, below the photo.

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As always, good luck! We have more on the way!