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Five Riffs You Should Never Play at a Guitar Store—And How to Play Them

(Image credit: Stephen Kelly/Flickr Creative Commons)

Undoubtedly, you’ve walked into your local guitar store to check out some axes, pulled a guitar off the wall, plugged it in and began wailing with a selection of your favorite riffs. But did it ever cross your mind that your choice of riffs could be driving the staff crazy? (Or was that your intention all along?)

To help you make guitar-demoing repertoire more staff friendly, instructor Robert Baker has come with a list of the top five guitar riffs you should never play at a guitar store.

After opening up with some fine shredding, Robert gets down to business and reveals the five riffs. At 3:06, he begins demonstrating how to play each of them…just in case you’re feeling provocative. If you need the tab for this lesson, Robert provides it for you right here.

Have a look. And when you’re done, be sure to check out Robert’s excellent YouTube channel and website.

PHOTO: Stephen Kelly | Flickr Creative Commons