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Want to Learn the Climactic "Ralph Macchio" Portion of the 'Crossroads' Guitar Duel? Watch This Video!

Whipping out a Superstrat and belting out Ry Cooder's and Steve Vai's solos from the famous Crossroads guitar-duel scene has been a nifty little party trick since the movie came out back in 1986.

Now, however, thanks to a fairly new YouTube channel called Digil Music Tabs, it just got a little easier to pull off. Digil has posted a lesson video featuring the climactic, classical "Ralph Macchio" portion of the guitar duel (played by Vai), complete with animated tabs. You can check it out above. As many guitar fans know, the slide/blues portion of Macchio's solo was played by Cooder; however, Vai plays the classical section—the famous bit that wins the duel, if you will.

I think one of the commenters (on the original YouTube video) puts it best:

"This is the greatest 'Crossroads Guitar Duel' presentation and tablature video that exist on Youtube! It shows the tabs as played, slows down the tempo without going off key or tune. Seriously, if you can't learn the song with the help of this video, then just put down the guitar and pick up the harmonica or something. It's impossible to make it any easier than this."

We're not sure if we'd go that far, but he makes an interesting argument.

"The Eighties was a decade of unrivaled guitar heroism," wrote Troy Grady in a ridiculously popular (and rapidly aging) lesson called Diminishing the Devil: Steve Vai's 'Crossroads' Fours. "And one of its greatest heroes is also one of its greatest villains. Vai's nefarious turn in Crossroads sent legions of kids scurrying to their metronomes in hot pursuit of his blistering neoclassical chops. In fact, for many of us, Vai's incredible playing in [the film] was our introduction to the neoclassical style."

Of course, the Crossroads guitar parts (throughout the film) were played by several guitarists, including Vai, Cooder, Arlen Roth and classical guitarist Bill Kanengiser. For more about this topic, be sure to read 'Crossroads' and Its Unsung Guitar Hero, Arlen Roth.

Anyway, as luck would have it, Grady posted a brand-new Crossroads-themed video—"Steve Vai's Crossroads Paganini Quotation"—on January 9. You can watch it below; it shows Grady, who is one hell of a guitarist, playing one of the juicier bits of the solo—shown via two camera angles.

For more content dedicated to the guitar playing in Crossroads, check out the Diminishing the Devil link above and this lesson, also courtesy of Grady: "Troy Grady Breaks Down Steve Vai's 'Intimidation Lick' from 'Crossroads'." Enjoy—and good luck!

Also, if you just can't get enough Vai, pick up the all-new February 2018 issue of Guitar World, which features an exclusive master class by Vai himself, videos and all.

(Image credit: Larry DiMarzio)