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AmpKit Version 1.2 Released

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Agile Partners have just announced version 1.2 of their AmpKit app for the iOS.

The new release features next-generation tone and simulation improvements along with dual-stage amp simulation, convolution-based cabinet simulation, adaptive input compensation, a significantly upgraded Noise Gate, and solo and mix output shaping.

New Gear Featured in AmpKit 1.2 includes:
• Budda® Superdrive 30 Series II, a US$5.99 amp available for a limited time for only US$0.99.
• Fargen™ Olde 800™, Super Collider™ and Hot Mod™ Baby Blues amps.
• Rocktron® Zombie Rectified Distortion® and Cottonmouth Fuzz® effects.
• Sonic Edge J&J Overdrive and Tumbleweed Clean Boost & Compression effects.
• Two great new models of classic high-gain amps, the Sultan Rack 88 and the Uber Xtreme 101.

AmpKit's is also offering a Summer '11 Pack which bundles all the new gear in V1.2 -- 6 amps, 6 cabinets and 4 effects -- for $9.99.

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