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Bandhappy, A New Online Music Community, to Launch in 2012

Bandhappy, a new online music community founded by Periphery drummer Matt Halpern, is schedule to launch in early 2012.

The website is aimed at reshaping how music teachers and students connect, connecting people for in-person lessons or online lessons via a custom-built, in-house video chat system. You can get a brief overview of the site in the video below.

One of the site's more tantalizing features is the possibility of taking lessons from a number of high-profile musicians, including Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean Band), AJ Minette (The Human Abstract), Evan Brewer (The Faceless), Paul Waggoner (Between the Buried and Me), Rody Walker (Protest the Hero), Peter Wichers (Soilwork), Willie Adler (Lamb of God), Louis Cato (Marcus Miller Band), Spencer Sotelo (Periphery), and more.

“BANDHAPPY really spent the time gathering information from students, teachers and touring artists to create the most well-rounded and groundbreaking online music tool that I've seen,” said Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. “I've given and taken lessons on here myself and even picked up something I used on the new Lamb of God recording. Bandhappy has it all.”