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Beef up your guitar skills for free thanks to this killer deal from Martin and TrueFire

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Have you found yourself in the market for a new acoustic guitar lately? Have you also been looking to pick up some new six-string skills, brush up on your chops or learn guitar for the first time entirely? If so, Martin and TrueFire have the deal for you!

Martin recently teamed up with TrueFire to offer its customers unlimited streaming access to TrueFire's gigantic online lesson library.

To qualify, just purchase any Martin instrument by May 31 and register the warranty at Martin's website by June 30. Buyers will then receive a code that unlocks over 40,000 video lessons on TrueFire, plus a free download of Corey Congilio's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Playbook.

TrueFire's massive lesson library features tutorials for players of every style, genre, technique and skill level. Users can track their progress, use slow motion looping and live stream their sessions.

Corey Congilio's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Playbook is similarly comprehensive, featuring six sections with 60 rhythm guitar studies and grooves. Normally a $115 value, Martin customers can now have this invaluable set of lessons for free.

To take advantage of this deal, and improve your guitar skills at an incredible discount, head on over to Martin.

Purchase any Martin instrument and get three months of free TrueFire lessons
TrueFire's incredible video lesson library, and Corey Congilio's Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Playbook, are worth hundreds of dollars. With this deal, you can access all of this invaluable instruction for free. View Deal