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Betcha Can't Play This: Subway Shredder Mike Groisman's Crazy-Fast Alternate-Picking Run — Video

In Guitar World's latest edition of Betcha Can't Play This, New York City-based "subway shredder" Mike Groisman returns with a crazy-fast alternate-picking run that's played on two strings.

First he plays it fast, then slow. Then he explains the lick.

We shared Groisman's first two Betcha Can't Play This videos earlier this month. Feel free to check out "Subway Shredder Mike Groisman's Sweep Arpeggios" and "Mike Groisman's Insane A Minor Tapping Lick."

If Groisman looks familiar, maybe it's because he often can be found playing "Crazy Train," "Stairway to Heaven" (metal version) or Europe's "The Final Countdown" at various stops along the New York City subway system (as shown in the bottom video, which was shot at 34th/Herald Square in Manhattan). If you see him in action while you're down there, stop and listen. He deserves it.

Stay tuned for one more Betcha Can't Play This video featuring Groisman, and check him out on YouTube right here.