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Bite Guitars’ Dragon is a monster of a bass with 7 pickup configurations

(Image credit: Bite Guitars)

Austrian custom bass builder Bite Guitars has introduced the Dragon, designed for bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni and featuring exclusive artwork from

The new model sports a trio of pickups (including proprietary high-output Bite 1000mV single coils and split coils) in a JPJ configuration, a pickup selector and a parallel/series switch for seven selectable configurations.

Features include an alder body, “D”-shaped neck, Bite black Y tuners, Gotoh chrome brass bridge and Graph Tech nut.

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(Image credit: Bite Guitars)
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(Image credit: Bite Guitars)

Furthermore, each Dragon Bass is built to order, with a choice of options including five different necks with hard maple or black locust fretboards. 

For more information, head to Bite Guitars.