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Boss takes on Line 6’s HX Stomp with the pedalboard-friendly GT-1000CORE

In a move set to shake up the multi-effects market, Boss has announced the GT-1000CORE, a downsized version of the GT-1000, and a direct competitor to Line 6’s popular HX Stomp.

The GT-1000CORE packs all the processing power of Boss’s flagship multi-FX, but downsizes it into a triple-footswitched pedal the size of Boss’s 500 series, designed to fit into existing pedalboard setups.

Boss GT-1000CORE

(Image credit: Boss)

That means Boss’s AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) engine is onboard for amp and effects modeling, while the company promises the DSP engine delivers on-demand power for all effects blocks, meaning there are no limitations on your signal chain. The Line 6 HX Stomp, in contrast, features a six-block limit on each preset.

A single patch on the GT-1000CORE can provide access to up to 24 simultaneous effects – including two amps at once – and sounds can be saved in any of the 250 user patches onboard.

Like the HX Stomp, the GT-1000CORE offers flexible footswitch operation and signal routing, with dual send/return jacks to incorporate external effects or the four-cable method with your amp’s effects loop.

The pedal can also be used to switch amp channels, while TRS MIDI I/O jacks integrate with other switching and MIDI devices.

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Boss GT-1000CORE

(Image credit: Boss)
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Boss GT-1000CORE

(Image credit: Boss)

Other functionality includes multi-channel USB audio for re-amping and integration with DAWs; onboard impulse responses and the option to add your own; an onboard looper; and the ability to craft sounds using the Boss Tone Studio editor for Mac/PC.

With a huge array of amp models, and effects from Boss’s entire history of pedals, we could see many 500 series users upgrading to this more versatile unit.

The price for the GT-1000CORE comes in at $699/£599 – $100 more than the HX Stomp. For serious FX hounds, that extra processing power could be worth the extra dollar, although it remains to be seen whether the interface can compete with Line 6’s user-friendly, color-coded operation.

For more info, head over to Boss.

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