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Can't Swim's Danny Rico names his favorite riff of all time as he reveals his Rifflist

Welcome to the third episode of Rifflist! So far we've had YouTube extraordinaire Ryan "Fluff" Bruce of Riffs, Beards & Gear and extreme metaller Brandon Ellis of The Black Dahlia Murder. This time, we're going punk-rock with Danny Rico of New Jersey outfit Can't Swim. He'll take you through his pre-show/pre-recording warm-up routine, what he says is the best riff of all time and loads more.

It's no secret that Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have made a lasting impact on inspiring guitarists around the globe, and Can't Swim's lead six-stringer is no exception. Grohl has time and again written simple but instantly recognizable guitar hooks, including the opening riff for Everlong, which Rico cites as the first riff he ever learned.

Rico also reveals his affinity for the blues as he nimbly plays the riff he most recently learned - Stevie Ray Vaughan's Texas Flood. For the video, he employs a classic combination of a Fender Telecaster electric guitar through a Vox AC30 amp.

Can't Swim's new EP When the Dust Settles, is available now via Pure Noise Records.

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