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Ryan "Fluff" Bruce's Rifflist: the YouTube star reveals his grunge roots as he plays his first riff, favorite solo and more

Welcome to Rifflist - a brand-new Guitar World video series in which your favorite guitarists play the riffs that shaped them into the players they are today. We'll be asking them about the first riff they ever learned, their warm-up routine and loads more.

Our first guest is none other than Ryan "Fluff" Bruce - you may know him from a little YouTube channel called Riffs, Beards & Gear and as rhythm guitarist in metal band Dragged Under.

In the video, we dig deep to Bruce's roots as a grunge kid growing up in Seattle in the early '90s - accordingly, his first riff was Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. He joins legions of budding six-stringers in learning this one first, no doubt...

The guitarist's affinity for grunge carries through to several of his picks, as he reveals his favorite riff (and solo) of all time - both from Alice In Chains' landmark 1992 album Dirt.

And the electric guitar sitting on the resplendently bearded shredder's lap? Why, it's the Sterling by Music Man signature model for fellow YouTuber Jared Dines. Stay tuned for more Rifflists coming soon!

I'm a Staff Writer at Guitar World. I've played guitar for 15+ years and have a degree in Music Technology (Mixing & Mastering). I suppose that makes me qualified to talk to you about this stuff? I'm into all genres of music, but first and foremost I love all things rock and metal.