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Chicano Batman's Carlos Arévalo conjures dreamy funk soundscapes in this playthrough of psych-soul jam Moment Of Joy

As a big name in LA's psych-soul scene, Chicano Batman are no strangers to writing boundary-pushing compositions, as their latest album Invisible People - which dropped in May - confirms.

Amongst its 12 mind-bending tracks sits Moment Of Joy, a three-and-a-half-minute smooth jam peppered with electronic sounds and effect-drenched guitar lines.

In this exclusive Guitar World playthrough, guitarist Carlos Arévalo plays through the track in full, navigating its whammy-bar-laden chord progressions and rhythmic funk-inspired verse licks.

Arévalo plays a beautiful Gold Sparkle Music Man Albert Lee HH electric guitar through a Vintage 1964 Fender Princeton 6G2 amp, while he uses a Boss DD-200 and Boss MD-200 for his delay and modulation sounds.

"Aside from the funky and quirky Missy Elliott- and Timbaland-inspired verse guitar playing, the guitar’s role for this track was all about creating texture and soundscapes for the vocals and synths to shine," Arévalo says. 

"It's worth noting that [our] mixing engineer Shawn Everett ran my guitar signal through some type of distortion, likely a SansAmp, and completely transformed the sound into a big washy texture that is easily mistaken as a keyboard pad on much of the album version of the song."

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