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Corey Taylor to Start Work on New Stone Sour Album Later This Year

Fans may not have to wait long for a follow-up to last year's Stone Sour album, Audio Secrecy.

In a recent interview, the Stone Sour frontman said he was hard at work writing songs for a new album, and the group may begin recording by the end of the year.

"We're talking about doing another Stone Sour album," Taylor said. "I've already got about 16 songs written. We're gonna do something … This will the first time we get to do back-to-back albums. It's something I'm pretty excited about. I've got a really great concept, and hopefully it flushes out that way. We still haven't gotten together and demoed everything yet. But if I have it my way, it's gonna be the biggest thing we've ever done."

Stone Sour canceled the rest of their summer tour dates after drummer Roy Mayorga suffered a stroke following a gig in Des Moines, Iowa, last month.