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Crazy Tube Circuits seeks to recreate and reinvigorate classic tones with the Constellation fuzz and Memphis vibrato/preamp

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation and Memphis
(Image credit: Crazy Tube Circuits)

Fat fuzz and vintage vibrato sounds are among the most sought-after guitar tones – and with its new Memphis and Constellation pedals, Crazy Tube Circuits hopes to take these sounds and give guitar players new tonal possibilities by combining tried-and-tested circuitry with new approaches to pedal construction.

The Constellation CV700s – a limited edition, hand-built fuzz pedal – offers five voicings that encompass sonic recreations of fuzz circuits which “shaped the tone of the electric guitar” and a unique, tailor-made circuit, which vows to be a future classic.

Made using hand-sourced and hand-selected military-spec OC44 NOS germanium CV7003 transistors, these modes include a tribute to the most-copied fuzz circuit of all in ‘FF’; a mythical mk1.5 inspired circuit in ‘3/2’; a 3-way transistor fuzz circuit in ‘2’; an ‘RM’ treble boosted; and a ‘VTB’ mode inspired by the Italian made fuzz circuit known for its thick, dirty fuzz and its warm sustain.

Also included is an ‘RMFF’ mode – a pioneering ‘RM’ and ‘FF’ combination which offers a new, refreshing take on vintage fuzz sounds, with the aim of of being a future classic.

The Constellation comes in a sustainable wooden box and features a laser-etched aluminum enclosure. Each pedal in the limited run is built by hand, one at a time, in the Crazy Tube Circuits Workshop.

CTC has also unveiled the Memphis – a pitch-shifting amp-style vibrato that harkens back to the Magnatone amps of yesteryear.

Described as a ‘smaller brother’ to the Killer V – losing its big bro's drive section – the Memphis offers a versatile, hands-on approach to dialing in delicate shimmers and curating classic vibrato sounds using the intensity and speed knobs, nodding to the tones of Lonnie Mack and Robert Ward.

Featuring a clean preamp with up to 20dB boost and an ‘all-wet / dry’ toggle switch, the Memphis aims to take players back to the ‘50s and ’60s with bright, warm tones and allows you to choose between a 100% modulated signal or opt for a dry unmodulated signal running in parallel with the modulation.

The Constellation and the Memphis are available now for €299 and €155, respectively. Visit Crazy Tube Circuits to find out more.