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David Hasselhoff releases industrial metal jam with Austrian duo CueStack

William Shatner has gone metal in the past – why not David Hasselhoff?

Why not, indeed.

The Knight Rider and Baywatch star has unveiled the first fruits of his new metal project with Austrian duo CueStack, with a video for the song Through the Night.

You can check it out (and you know you really, really want to) above.

CueStack, which is comprised of VFX designer Martin Kames and shred electric guitar content creator Bernth Brodträger, first conceived the collaboration with Hasselhoff in 2018.

David Hasselhoff has collaborated with CueStack

(Image credit: CueStack)

As CueStack explained to Consequence of Sound, “The ultimate goal was to create a metal project with the most-watched man on TV, showing the world his heavy side.”

According to the duo, Hasselhoff liked the song right away but wasn't fond of the first set of lyrics, which told the story of a “lone wanderer in a dystopian future scenario.”

The final lyrics, about “pushing through dark times with hope and courage, fighting your way towards the light at the ending of the tunnel,” apparently resonated with Hasselhoff immediately.

Through the Night is also available digitally on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes Music and Apple Music.

Additionally, an extended EP version of Through the Night includes a retro synthwave remix by Beartooth singer Caleb Shomo, as well as an unplugged version and two additional CueStack tunes.

And if that’s not enough for Hasselhoff maniacs, the box set also contains a poster, gym bag, autograph card and baseball cap.

Through the Night is available for physical purchase at the official CueStack webshop