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Dynamo’s Flight Rig offers high-gain tube tones in a lightweight, travel-ready package

(Image credit: Dynamo Amplification)

Dynamo Amplification has announced the Flight Rig, a travel-ready hybrid all-tube preamp and 100-watt solid-state power amp.

The lightweight enclosure is designed for easy transportation by electric guitar players doing fly dates, cruise ship gigs and other performances that often require a dependence on venue-provided equipment. 

Features include a two-channel (lead and clean/crunch) Dynamo GTS preamp loaded with four 12AX7 tubes, as well as Mil-Spec RV4 control pots, audiophile-grade components and an integrated Sonic Enhancer circuit for presence and depth control.

There’s also a Current Feedback Solid-State power amp, 120v Input Custom Toroidal Power Transformers, 1/4-inch speaker output jack and single-button channel select footswitch.

The Flight Rig is available with black or nickel hardware for $1,199.

For more information, head to Dynamo Amplification.