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Eight Ways to Troll Rude Guitar Store Employees

A new video has been making the rounds in guitar land, racking up page views like La La Land racked up Oscar nominations.

The original YouTube clip is called "8 Cruel Ways to Troll Guitar Center Rude Employees." And—without even getting into the title's odd grammatical error—we'd just like to say we don't think Guitar Center employees are rude. They're actually just as rude or as just as charming as anyone else on the planet (and some of them are even our friends and third cousins).

Basically, the video could just as easily be called, "How to drive rude guitar store employees insane with your diabolical riffs," because that's pretty much what the clip is about.

The trolling tactics include:

1. Playing the "Nothing Else Matters" intro for a while, then pretending you're progressing—but you never actually progress.

2. Playing the first eight notes of "Sweet Child O' Mine" without progressing—being sure to throw in some additional pinch harmonics.

3. Playing "Master of Puppets" without palm muting ...

There are a few more examples in the video, of course. Be sure to check it out; it's just a little over two minutes long.

For more videos like this, be sure to follow the Paranormal Guitar Channel on YouTube. Enjoy!