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Electro-Harmonix unveils tiny but versatile Nano Operation Overlord

(Image credit: courtesy of Electro-Harmonix)

Electro-Harmonix has unveiled the Nano Operation Overlord, a compact version of the company’s Operation Overlord Allied Overdrive effect pedal.

The incredibly versatile stompbox sports a three-position input switch (hi, norm, low) for compatibility with guitar, bass, keys and most other instruments, as well as foot-switchable Normal (three JFET gain stages) and Boost (classic pedal-type overdrive circuit before the JFET stages) modes for distortion ranging from boost to mild crunch to intensely saturated overdrive.

There’s also a three-band EQ (treble, bass, mid) and a dry blend that is particularly useful for retaining articulation, harmonic content and bottom end with instruments like bass and keyboards.

The Nano Operation Overlord is available for $89.40 street.

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