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Estranged Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Announces New Solo Album, 'Accountable Beasts'

Drummer Bill Ward, who has been estranged from his former Black Sabbath bandmates, has revealed plans for a new solo album.

As Ward recently told Joel Gausten blog, his upcoming solo album, Accountable Beasts, is heading into the mixing stage.

"I'm doing a load of writing right now," Ward said. "Every day I get up at eight o'clock in the morning [and] I'm writing. I'm just inside songs right now."

"I'm waiting to go into the studios to finish mixing Accountable Beasts, which is [my] new [solo] album. While I'm waiting, I'm writing something else for further down the line," he added. "I'm very loose about everything, and that's not such a bad thing."

Ward also mentioned Black Sabbath, touring and his desire to continue playing drums:

"I'd like to be playing more drums in a band," he said. "If it could be Black Sabbath, wonderful. But if it isn't Black Sabbath, I do have something else in mind where I can still get to play drums. As much as I love writing and everything, I miss being out on the road. I miss playing live and I miss traveling. As much as I like everything else I'm doing, it would be very nice to be there in a year's time, being busy on a stage somewhere."

"I've had some very, very tough emotions; I've been very, very sad about some of the things that have happened. I know I've had to be kind of close-mouthed about the things going on with Sabbath. For me, it's been a very difficult time, as I'm sure [it's been] for a number of other people. I'm not discounting the other people in this, but for myself, it's been very, very tough."