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Watch as Dave Grohl brings Foo Fighters fan Lauren onstage to play Monkey Wrench

Fresh from trolling Westboro Baptist Church at Foo Fighters’ recent Kansas City show, footage has emerged of Dave Grohl bringing a teenage Foos fan onstage to play guitar for Monkey Wrench.

The fan, named Lauren, was brought on during the band’s set at Azura Amphitheater in Kansas City on 5 August. She was then handed Grohl’s trademark ‘DG-335’ Gibson Trini Lopez and asked to perform Monkey Wrench with the group.

Lauren, who, understandably, seems pretty spaced out by the event nonetheless insists she’s not nervous and then hammers out a pretty flawless rendition of the band’s 1997 hit. 

The performance features an improvised breakdown and various interventions from Grohl in which he coaches Lauren on the essentials of arena rock showmanship. None of which seems to throw Lauren off – much to her credit.

It’s thought by fans to be the first time in almost two years in which the band has invited a fan up to jam – something that was a frequent occurrence pre-Covid.

Matt Parker

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