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FU-Tone launches none-more-purple titanium tremolo inserts and hardware to upgrade your trem's looks and performance

(Image credit: FU-Tone)

Tremolo upgrade company FU-Tone has launched a new line of Purple Titanium Tremolo Hardware and Saddle Inserts.

The new range for electric guitars includes string locking screws, saddle mounting screws, nut clamping screws and saddle insert blocks, all available in none-more-purple indestructible titanium.

“Adding the purple titanium hardware and inserts to our line of upgrade hardware and saddle inserts gives our clients even more tonal options,” said FU-Tone founder and president Adam Reiver.

Plus, he added, “they look like candy!”

(Image credit: FU-Tone)

The Purple Titanium String Lock Screw Set is available for $49, while the Saddle Mounting Screw Set sells for $39.

The Purple Titanium Nut Clamping Screw Set, meanwhile, is offered for $29, with the Titanium Saddle Insert Set at $49.95.

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