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Get all the tube and boutique amp sounds of your dreams with Blackstar's Silverline Series

One of the past year's most noteworthy new advancements in guitar amp technology came in the form of Blackstar's Silverline series.

Designed to seamlessly combine boutique tube tone with modern digital processing power, the new amps not only looked stylish, but promised to bring tones you'd normally shell out thousands for to a price range that wouldn't leave only dust in your piggy bank.

Of course, as soon as we heard about the amps for the first time, we couldn't wait to get a hold of one ourselves at Guitar World HQ. 

Once our 50-watt Silverline Special showed up at our door, our Tech Editor - the one and only Paul Riario - and our Video Editor - the great Alan Chaput - wasted no time. See what sounds the two conjured up with the amp in the latest episode of our series, Cooking with Sound. 

For more info on these terrific amps, point your browser over to Blackstar Amps.