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Gibson unveils Adam Jones 1979 merch collection, including a Silverburst Les Paul scale model

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 merchandise
(Image credit: Instagram/Gibson)

Gibson has announced the arrival of a host of Adam Jones 1979 merch, including a 1:4 scale model of his Custom Shop Les Paul model, dubbing it the brand’s first “merchandise orientated” Artist Collection.

Included in the Adam Jones 1979 Artist Collection are two T-shirt designs, a guitar strap, Adam Jones Les Paul guitar case in Silverburst finish and a 1:4 sale model of the Tool guitarist’s Silverburst Les Paul.

There has been much speculation among fans lately about the imminent arrival of more affordable editions of Jones’ Custom model (which starts at $5,999), meaning the announcement was received with some frustration from fans – although that hasn't stopped much of the collection from selling out.

Indeed, Gibson has previously confirmed the arrival of the USA Standard version of the Adam Jones Les Paul, sneaking it into a video tour of Brand President Cesar Gueikian’s guitar collection, while Jones himself has also previously posted a teaser video of a 1979 Epiphone case on his Instagram page.

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 merchandise

Adam Jones Les Paul Guitar Case, Silverburst - $299.00 (Image credit: Gibson)

Time will tell, then, if this is simply Gibson taking its teaser marketing campaign to ‘cruelty’ setting, or something of a miscalculation in the face of fan demand. Either way, releasing a $300 case before the guitar itself is a bold move…

While we wait for the official announcement, you can head to the Gibson store to check out the full range of Adam Jones 1979 merch for yourself.

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