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Gibson Generation Group class of 2021 celebrates graduation with virtual performance ceremony

Gibson G3 graduation ceremony
(Image credit: Gibson)

Gibson has celebrated the first-ever class of Gibson Generation Group graduates with a virtual performance ceremony, which saw a string of up-and-coming Gibson-supported guitar stars in action.

The 18-member cohort joined the inaugural Gibson Generation Group (G3) in 2019, and were supported by the iconic guitar brand over a two-year period. Now, they are the first group to graduate from the G3 program, and have celebrated in style with a handful of electrifying performances.

G3’s class of 2021 includes players from all corners of the globe, including India, Japan and China, as well as a handful of European players from England, Spain, France, Norway and the Netherlands.

Said Jenny Marsh, head of the G3 global platform, “This inaugural G3 class was truly vital in shaping what the Gibson Generation Group will become for future members, and we have a solid foundation to build upon.

“The G3 artists are now a part of the Gibson family, we look forward to watching them grow and we’ll continue to champion their success.”

The 58-minute event included some dazzling electric guitar and acoustic guitar performances, with highlights including Reece Malone’s blues-y, trap-beat-infused No More, Isa Zwart’s gorgeously haunting acoustic track Lege Straten and 12-year-old Jayden Tatasciore’s rip-roaring Les Paul-based riot, Rewind.

Esani Dey, Gaetan Ponzio, Miyuna, Kris Niepert, Asher Belsky, Phoenix Knight and Irene Esteban Teijeira are also on the roster, and lined up alongside Jack Goodacre, Diego Flores, Ben Goldsmith, Noah Eckstein and Marina Paz Otero.

Otto Jr. Lagarhus, Sonny French and Carter Wilkinson complete the catalog of Gibson’s best and brightest up-and-coming six-string stars.

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Gibson G3 artist

Kris Niepert (Image credit: Gibson)
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Gibson G3 artist

Isa Zwart (Image credit: Gibson)
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Gibson G3 artist

Esani Dey (Image credit: Gibson)
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Gibson G3 artist

Carter Wilkinson (Image credit: Gibson)
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Gibson G3 artist

Marina Pa Otero (Image credit: Gibson)
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Gibson G3 artist

Reece Malone (Image credit: Gibson)

In the ceremony’s opening speech, Gibson’s President and CEO James Curleigh added, “You’re a part of history. For 127 years, Gibson has been inspiring, contributing and supporting sound through our guitars and through our artists.

“Gibson is synonymous with the share of sound, and you now are a contributor, a participant, an innovator and a player in Gibson’s quest in the share of sound. I want to say congratulations to all of you.

“Not only have we been doing this for 127 years, we get to help set up the next 127 years of Gibson, and you’re a part of it.”

To browse the entire list of G3 artists and find out more about them, head over to Gibson’s dedicated Gibson Generation Group page.

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