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Gibson to remake 13 stolen Adam Jones 1979 Signature Les Pauls for customers who missed out

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom
(Image credit: Gibson)

Two weeks ago, we learnt that an entire pallet of Gibson Adam Jones Signature Les Pauls had been stolen from the back of a Sweetwater truck. It's now emerged that Gibson will re-manufacture each of the thieved electric guitars for the customers who missed out.

According to, a recent letter sent to the customers by Gibson and Adam Jones stated, “For many of Adam’s fans, these limited-edition guitars are the guitars of their dreams, and this is probably true of you as well.

“Therefore, we wanted to let you know that we, Gibson and Adam together, have decided to make the guitars again for you.”

But, the letter notes, they won't be exact replicas of the stolen guitars. “In order to distinguish them from the ones that got stolen, we are going to add a special notation on the headstock, something we believe will make your guitar one of the 13 most special and collectable guitars of the run. We apologize in advance for the suspense, but we prefer to surprise you!”

The “special notation” is set to make the newly manufactured models even more collectible, with only 13 of an already limited run bearing the mark.

The guitar giant also told the customers that it expects the guitars to be in their hands by the first week of February.

Gibson previously published the serial numbers of the 13 guitars that went missing, so the move to remake them should, in theory, make the stolen models even more identifiable.

The announcement of Adam Jones' signature Les Paul was highly anticipated; fans had speculated on the possibility of a signature version of Jones’ #1 1979 Silverburst for years.

When the guitar finally dropped, it was accompanied by a promo video soundtracked by three-quarters of Tool, which you can watch below.

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