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Give your guitar some vintage tonal mojo with Supro's new pickup range

Supro pickups
Gold Foil (Image credit: Supro USA)

Supro’s resurgence and rapidly expanding range of electric guitars has been one of the six-string success stories of recent years, and now you can snap up those models’ retro tones with the availability of standalone Supro pickups.

Five types of pickup are available: Super Alnico, Vistatone, PAF, Gold Foil and Gold Foil Mini.

Supro pickups

Gold Foil Mini (Image credit: Supro USA)

The Gold Foil and Gold Foil Mini are high-output single coils, featuring a ‘Field Coil’ design, promising a wide, broad tonal response for guitar and bass.

Super Alnico single coils, meanwhile, boast an overwound coil for more midrange bite and top-end clarity.

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Supro pickups

Vistatone (Image credit: Supro USA)
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Supro pickups

Super Alnico (Image credit: Supro USA)

Dan Auerbach and Jack White fans will want to check out the Vistatone, which was made popular by those pawn-shop guitar revivalists, thanks to its fat tone, which pairs well with fuzz and tube amp overdrive.

Supro pickups start at $89 - head on over to Supro USA for more.