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Graph Tech seeks to bring out the best in your archtop with new ResoMax guitar bridge

Graph Tech ResoMax Bridge
(Image credit: Graph Tech)

Graph Tech has introduced the all-new ResoMax Archtop Bridge, which seeks to increase the volume, articulation and resonance of archtop electric guitar or acoustic guitars, while also bringing out every nuance of its natural tone.

Constructed out of 100% organic polymers and crafted under high heat and pressure, the ResoMax seeks to offer archtop players an alternative to the conventional wood bridges that such guitars are usually equipped with.

"When players hear the tonal connection our ResoMax Archtop Bridge provides to the strings and body of the guitar, it will be hard to go back to a conventional bridge," says company founder and president Dave Dunwoodie.

As opposed to generic rosewood or ebony bridges, which Graph Tech claims can fluctuate in sound quality due to dead spots and inconsistent densities, the ResoMax promises to consistently deliver the immersive, high-definition natural tones of your archtop.

Available in standard and ultra-low profiles to allow for seamless integration with a variety of actions, the ResoMax also features flexible legs that conform to the top of any archtop model.

The bridge features either gold or nickel thumbwheels, allowing players to dial in just the right action for their individual playing style.

The Graph Tech ResoMax Archtop bridge is available now for $49.

Head over to Graph Tech for more info.