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Hear Top 10 Guitar Riffs Played Backward

(Image credit: Cindy Moorhead)

What happens when you take 10 of the most popular guitar riffs and play them backward? Could there be any great hidden riffs in them just waiting to be revealed?

David Walliman takes guitar in hand to find out. In this video, he records 10 classic guitar riffs and then plays them in reverse.

The riffs playes are “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” “Iron Man,” “Layla,” Pink Floyd’s “Money,” the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction,” “Smoke on the Water,” “Sunshine of Your Love,” “Walk This Way,” “Day Tripper” and “Purple Haze.” David adds some backing instruments to the reversed riffs, which makes it easier to imagine how these reversed riffs could be used in the context of songs.

For more of David’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.