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How to Make 1 Million Dollars as a Musician

(Image credit: Sammi Chichester)

Wouldn’t it be great to make a living playing your guitar? Better still, what if you could make one million dollars doing it?

Bassist Adam Neely created this informative video to help you toward that goal. To be honest, he never really explains how to make one million dollars as a musician, but he does offer practical advice about how to make a living doing what you love.

In a nutshell, his advice comes down to choosing between the three options he lays out in the video.

“Knowing how to navigate and chose among these three options is not only essential to making a living doing music,” Adam says, “but also to feeling good about yourself while retaining the joy of music making.”

Along the way, he offers some practical advice, real-world solutions and hard truths about the realities of making it as a musician. Take a look.

And when you’re done, check out (or have your bassist check out) the other great videos on his YouTube channel.