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Jared Dines reveals 20-string Mountain Dew Meme Guitar – and yes, it's fully functional

Jared Dines
(Image credit: Jared Dines)

While some djent guitarists are content with seven-, eight- or even nine-string electric guitars, for Jared Dines they simply don't cut it. The YouTuber and memelord is known for envisaging some of the wildest guitar designs out there, but with his latest creation, he's raised the bar – and string count – to new heights.

Behold, the Mountain Dew Meme Guitar, a fully-functional 20-string djent machine themed on the popular energy drink, Mountain Dew.

The guitar – built by Chinese company 10S Custom Guitars – requires the player to use a lap steel playing style due to its monstrous neck radius, as Dines demonstrates in the reveal video below.

Regarding the guitar's origins, an image conceptualizing its design had been floating around on the internet for many years, and as the man most likely to make it a reality, Dines' social media inboxes were awash with people keen to see it brought to life.

Back in 2017, Dines even shared the shot with Mountain Dew on Twitter with the caption, “hey Mountain Dew, let's collab.”

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So, as it turns out, the Mountain Dew Meme Guitar was born out of Dines' desire to have fans stop tagging him in the picture. 

“I figured what better way to stop the thousands of tags, all the time, of ‘Hey Jared, have you seen this picture?’, 'Hey, have you seen this meme?’ I've seen it. Stop tagging me.”

“This has been in the works for over half a year thanks to the wonderful people over at 10S guitars who agreed to help me make this beautiful monster of an instrument,” the YouTuber says. “It is fully functional as you can see in the video, sounds great, and definitely djents!”

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