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Jimi Hendrix Plays "Hound Dog" on Acoustic Guitar — Video

Here's some rarely seen footage of Jimi Hendrix playing "Hound Dog"—mixed in with a touch of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"—on acoustic guitar.

Mind you, this video is not associated with the famous clip of Jimi playing "Hear My Train a Comin'" on acoustic.

Based on Jimi's wardrobe, this looks like 1968, but we can't be sure.

In fact, in the words of the YouTube user who posted the video, "The origins of the recording are not known. Hendrix family, if you are watching this video and it is your copyright, please let us know!" Yes, please let us know!

The video also features several people who laugh at everything Jimi says because he's famous. Some things never change.