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John Petrucci-led prog supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment share new song, The Passage of Time

Last month, instrumental prog supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment announced their first studio album in 22 years, Liquid Tension Experiment 3.

Now John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy and Tony Levin have released the first song from that record, the ultra riffy, seriously proggy jam The Passage of Time

You can check out the video, which features footage of the band performing in the studio, above.

Said Petrucci of The Passage of Time, “This was the first song we worked on and when it was done, we all knew once again how amazing it was to be working together. We knew we were on to something and that this was going to be a really amazing album. Nothing about the passage of over two decades could’ve done anything to change that. To me this song truly reflects the collaborative songwriting efforts of all four of us.”

Liquid Tension Experiment 3

(Image credit: Inside Out Music)

Added Portnoy, “The Passage of Time was the very first song we composed together when we reunited this past summer. It was so exciting to be back in a room creating together again after so long (22 years for all 4 of us and over 10 years for the 3 of us since being together in DT). This serves as a great first taste for the listeners as it combines so many of the musical elements that makes LTE unique."

Liquid Tension Experiment 3 marks the first time Dream Theater members Petrucci and Rudess have recorded with former drummer Portnoy in roughly a decade. Portnoy also joined Petrucci on the guitarist's 2020 solo album, Terminal Velocity

Liquid Tension Experiment 3 is out March 26 and available to pre-order.