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Joyo Audio’s Baatsin packs 8 analog overdrives into one $59 pedal

Joyo Audio is no stranger to cramming plenty of sounds, whether it’s amp tones or various effects, into a single pedal, and at a low price.

With that in mind, the China-based company has unveiled the Baatsin overdrive pedal, which squeezes eight different overdrives and distortions into one enclosure. Even more impressively, Joyo claims the circuit is fully analog.

The eight drive sounds (with highly suggestive names) on offer are: T.OD; Sweety; B.Boost; T808; Overdrive I; Crunchy; Rioter and O.C. Drive.

Additionally, the pedal sports volume, tone and gain knobs and true bypass switching.

(Image credit: Joyo Audio)

Best of all, this one is cheap even by Joyo standards at a mere $59. For more information, head to Joyo Audio.