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Joyo's Preamp House pedal packs 9 amps under one roof

(Image credit: courtesy of Joyo Audio)

Joyo continues its steady stream of new effect pedals with the Preamp House, which approximates the sounds of nine different preamps from the likes of Marshall, Fender, Vox and more.

The nine offerings on tap are ‘65 Twin, JCM 900, AC 30, Lonestar, Dual Rectifier, 5150 III, Powerball, TH200 and BE100, accessible via a dial at the top left corner of the pedal.

Additionally, each 'amp' features clean and distortion channels that are turned on and off via a footswitch, and sounds can be mixed and matched, making it possible to switch from, for example, a distorted Dual Rectifier to a clean ’65 Twin tone.

Other features include controls for gain, bass, mid, treble and volume, as well as built-in cabinet simulation, an FX loop interface for external effect pedals and ambient lights on the rear and front of the pedal.

The Preamp House is available for $169.99. For more information head over to Joyo Audio.

(Image credit: courtesy of Joyo Audio)