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Line 6 Offers Free POD Farm Plug-In Download

Line 6, Inc., the industry leader in modeling technology for music-creation products, announced today that for a limited time it will be giving away POD Farm, its latest amp and effect modeling plug-in, to recording guitarists who use either an iLok USB Smart Key or a compatible Line 6 product.

“POD Farm revolutionized the way guitarists record,” remarked Elliot Chenault, Line 6 product manager. “And now we want to give all recording guitarists the opportunity to experience its record-ready tone, simple design and exceptional value in this free download.”

POD Farm plug-in delivers industry-standard POD® tone to any DAW (digital audio workstation). It provides a comprehensive collection of world-class models inspired by cherished vintage and modern gear. Featured are 42 guitar amps and cabs, 10 bass amps and cabs, 29 stompboxes and studio effects, 6 mic preamps, and Dual Tone capability, which allows users to split their input signals to run two separate virtual signal chains simultaneously.

Making the offer available to iLok users lets all recording guitarists, not just existing Line 6 users, take advantage of the free download, which regularly costs $99 from

POD Farm is descended from Amp Farm amp modeling plug-in, which has been a trusted tool for professional producers and engineers for over a decade.

Mac AU/RTAS/VST and Windows RTAS/VST compatible, POD Farm integrates seamlessly with all major recording applications including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Cakewalk/Sonar, and more.

This limited-time offer ends September 30, 2009.

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