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Listen to Bad Religion's Raging 'The Profane Rights of Man'

Bad Religion have released a new single, “The Profane Rights of Man.” You can listen to the song above.

"The Profane Rights of Man" was produced by guitarist Brett Gurewitz and mixed by Gurewitz and Joe Barresi. According to Bad Religion singer and songwriter Greg Graffin, “The song is based on the 1789 document, ‘The Universal Rights of Man.’ Since we’re a band that has a longstanding tradition of championing the enlightenment, we wanted to emphasize that our society is based on a profane rather than a sacred theological justification for human rights.

“In sum, the song is about Bad Religion’s belief in a secular basis for the protection of human rights for all people.”

"The Profane Rights of Man" follows the release earlier this year of "The Kids Are Alt-Right." Bad Religion are currently in the studio working on more new music for a reported follow-up to 2013's True North