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Manson Guitars teams up with dealers around the world for collaborative 10th Anniversary Edition MA models

Manson 10th Anniversary MA
(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

UK-based brand Manson has announced a 10th Anniversary edition range of its MA electric guitars.

Boasting the company's T-style MA EVO body shape – as popularized by owner Matt Bellamy – the 10th Anniversary MA models each boast a swamp ash body hand-selected, glued and shaped by head luthier Tim Stark, teamed with a Sustainiac Sustainer system, tune-o-matic bridge and twin-humbucker pickup configuration.

Beyond these specs, each guitar sports a unique configuration designed by various dealers around the world.

From Apollon Music in Japan comes a Night Sky Holosparkle model, with a flame maple neck, custom chrome hardware and Z.Vex Fuzz Factory circuitry.

California's Imperial Vintage Guitars added its design contributions to the mix, spawning Red Santa- and Purple Nebula-finished models. Both feature flame maple necks, red side LEDs and chrome hardware.

Manson 10th Anniversary MA

(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

The minds at Omega Music in Belgium also conceived two models finished in Red Santa and Purple Nebula, but without the red side LEDs. The Red Santa model does however feature a killswitch.

And finally, four of the models are designed directly by Manson Guitar Works. They include Original Orange- and Gloss Silver Flake-finished guitars – which each boast flame maple necks, ebony fingerboards and Z-Vex Fuzz Factory circuitry – and two models with Bluebell and Red Binding finishes, respectively.

“We're excited to build these special instruments reflecting this 10-year milestone,” Stark says. “It shows the versatility of the MA platform, and I've enjoyed having direction from out dealer network as to what finishes and elements their customers would like to see.”

Adds Manson CEO Adrian Ashton: “We wanted to celebrate our core product with some open creativity from our dealers. It's been a fantastic showcase of the work we are putting out whilst keeping out MA EVO design at the forefront of the limited run.”

For more information on the 10th Anniversary MA range, head to Manson Guitar Works.

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