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Marshall gets smart with the Alexa-powered Uxbridge Voice speaker

(Image credit: Marshall)

Marshall has introduced the Uxbridge Voice, a compact speaker with multi-room features and Alexa voice control.

The speaker boasts a 30-watt Class D amp for the woofer and tweeter, delivering “screaming highs and hard-hitting lows”.

There are controls for volume, bass and treble rockers, as well as a play/pause/skip button, mute/unmute mic and push-to-talk button.

The speaker connects to Alexa via Airplay 2, Spotify Connect or Bluetooth (a Bluetooth pairing button is located on the back of the enclosure).

(Image credit: Marshall)

You can also create a multi-room system with Amazon Echo and other supported Alexa built-in speakers or Airplay 2 enabled speakers.

The Uxbridge allows you to wirelessly play different songs in each room or create a single unified system throughout the house. Additionally, it can be used as a day planner, to set alarms or control devices around the house.

A far-field microphone array is utilized for smart voice recognition and noise cancellation.

The Uxbridge can be set up via the Marshall Voice app, which can also control music, tweak the equalizer or connect to other supported Alexa built-in devices.

Looks-wise, the Uxbridge sports classic Marshall design touches, including the script logo, salt and pepper speaker grille and brass buttons. The enclosure is available in black or white.

The Uxbridge Voice is available for $199. For more information head to Marshall Headphones.