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Mateus Asato cranks up the gain for a searing solo on Renforshort’s Feel Good Inc cover

Mateus Asato and Renforshort
(Image credit: Mateus Asato/Facebook / Renforshort/Facebook)

Bass-playing grunge-pop upstart Renforshort, who released her debut EP teenage angst earlier this year, has already turned heads with her first three singles – idc, mind games and waves – but her latest release is likely to pique guitarists’ interests even further.

This time out, she’s joined by popular internet and session guitarist Mateus Asato, who offers his musical services on the electric guitar in the form of a technically tasty guitar solo on Renforshort’s cover of the Gorillaz classic Feel Good Inc

Known for his dreamy fingerpicking style and colorful, jazz-inspired constructions, characterized by subtle slides and expert technical ability – as showcased on his Instagram page – Mateus shows he isn’t afraid to crank up the overdrive for his feature on the single. 

Kicking off at the 2:17 mark in the video below, Asato follows a series of rapid-fire hammer-ons with an effortlessly tasteful pentatonic-based solo spotted with whole-note bends and his signature sliding style, before bringing his showcase to a climax with a Beat It-style tremolo-picking run.

Of her new single, Renforshort said that Mateus “killed the guitar” and that the cover itself is one of her “favorite things she’s put out in a really long time”. 

Asato has also had a standout year, with the guitarist recently collaborating with Jackson Audio to release the signature Asabi overdrive/distortion pedal.