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Mesa/Boogie reveals 3 new overdrive pedals - meet the Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine

Mesa/Boogie Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine pedals
(Image credit: Mesa/Boogie)

Mesa/Boogie has a strong lineage when it comes to overdrive pedals, so the release of three new stompboxes - the Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine - is cause for celebration indeed.

Each pedal focus on a specific gain range, spanning clean boost right up to high gain.

The Cleo is the lowest-gain of the three, with a transparent boost/overdrive approach that tackles dynamic low-to-mid-gain sounds.

Turning up the gain, the Dynaplex promises classic British crunch sounds, with those essential mid frequencies and harmonics in check - there’s a presence knob on this one to match it to your amp, too.

Finally, the Gold Mine is the high-gain offering of the trio, and aims to deliver plenty of chunk and richness, with a three-band EQ to tailor the tone to your liking.

The Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine clock in at $199 apiece. Head over to Mesa/Boogie for more info.

Michael Astley-Brown

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