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Metallica's James Hetfield to Narrate History Channel TV Series 'The Hunt'

When he’s not on the road with Metallica, one of James Hetfield's most consuming passions is hunting. That hobby has landed him a spot narrating an eight-episode History Channel series called The Hunt, beginning 10 p.m. ET June 8.

The program chronicles the annual controlled hunt in Alaska for Kodiak brown bears, which can grow to 12 feet tall and up to 1,500 pounds. This tradition goes back centuries — to the region’s early Alutiiq people — though it is now strictly regulated by the state department of fish and game.

This TV appearance caps a busy period for Hetfield, as Metallica works on a new album. He appeared last week at the Acoustic 4 A Cure benefit, then took part in the San Francisco Giants’ second annual Metallica Night.

Metallica hopes to begin recording their followup to 2008's Death Magnetic in the fall.