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Mike Portnoy to Perform with Stone Sour at September 24 Rock In Rio Festival

Drummer Mike Portnoy of Adrenaline Mob -- formerly of Dream Theater -- will perform with Stone Sour at a one-off show, September 24 at the Rock In Rio Festival.

Stone Sour's regular drummer, Roy Mayorga, is home and anxiously awaiting the birth of his first daughter -- due the same day as the Rio show. Mayorga asked Portnoy to fill in for the once-in-a-lifetime event.

Said Portnoy: “It's my honor and pleasure to be able to help out my good friends in Stone Sour and my brother Roy in their time of need. It's also an unexpected treat for me to get another visit with some of the greatest fans in the world down in Brazil.”

Frontman Corey Taylor added: “We've been waiting a long time for the opportunity to come to South America. This year's Rock in Rio should be fantastic. With Roy expecting his first child, we'll charge on without him, but having Mike fill in for this one show will be great. We can't wait to take the stage and lay it down the only way Stone Sour knows how: full on and in your face!"

Plans are afoot for a special EP/DVD release from Stone Sour this winter, along with a special MP3 giveaway via Stone Sour's Facebook page.