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Mooer downsizes its flagship multi-effects pedal with the GE300 LITE

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Mooer has announced the GE300 LITE, a more compact version of its flagship GE300 multi-effects processor.

The new multi-effects unit offers 108 digital amp models based on Mooer’s non-linear amp modelling technology, 43 factory cab sims and a full-featured IR loader.

There’s also a range of classic and modern effects that can be expanded on via Mooer's GE Labs and Studio platforms.

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

The control set is anchored by a triple-mode eight footswitch design with assignable LED colors and functions, 13 effects blocks, and 255 preset banks.

The GE300 LITE also features Tone Capture, which boasts three different modes – "Amp,” which samples and captures a real-life amplifier; “Guitar,” which capture the EQ characteristics of the user’s instrument; and “Cab,” which provides an all-in-one solution to sample speaker cabinets and create IR files.

Keen Mooer fans will note that, although most of the amps and effects have crossed over, the GE300's Synth Engine doesn't make the cut here.

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Additional features include a programmable stereo effects loop, 30-second looper station, external device switching, direct USB audio and more.

The GE300 LITE is offered for $549. For more information, head to Mooer Audio.