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Morley expands lineup of signal switchers with all-new Gold Series range

Morley ABY-MIX-G
(Image credit: Morley)

Effects pedal and audio solutions specialist Morley has bolstered its extensive arsenal of signal switchers with the release of the new-and-improved Gold Series lineup.

Arriving in the form of ABY-G, ABC-G, and ABY-MIX-G iterations, the three upgraded offerings are said to be the “next evolution” of the brand’s switching pedals, and seek to serve up an array of versatile switching capabilities.

Each pedalboard-optimized model retains the same layout as found on its predecessor, and sports a sleek aesthetic design with improved operation and quieter circuitry.

The streamlined ABY-G and ABC-G units are standard signal switchers, with the former letting you route two inputs to one output, or one input to two outputs. As an added bonus, the ABY-G can operate without a power source, with only the LEDs requiring power.

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Morley Gold Series Switchers

Morley Gold Series ABC (Image credit: Morley)
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Morley Gold Series Switchers

Morley Gold Series ABY (Image credit: Morley)
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Morley Gold Series Switchers

Morley Gold Series ABY-MIX (Image credit: Morley)

Likewise, the ABC performs much the same, though adds an extra channel allowing users to route three inputs to one output, or vice versa.

Morley’s larger ABY-MIX is described as a “two-channel mixer in a robust pedal enclosure” that can route two inputs to two outputs, with a level control for each input allowing for specific signal control – ideal for when routing two electric guitars to one guitar amp.

The ABY-MIX-G also comes equipped with Morley’s premium buffer circuit, which vows to protect your tone from any unwanted signal-chain interference.

Bill Wenzloff of Morley says, “The Morley ABY Switcher remains one of our best-selling products since it was introduced in 1992. It has become the industry standard in switching. 

"The Morley ABC and ABY-MIX devices have also gained much popularity since their introduction in the late ‘90s, and these new Gold Series Switchers continue their legacy.”

The Morley Gold Series ABY-G, ABC-G and ABY-MIX-G are available now for $99, $129 and $119, respectively.

Head over to Morley for more information.