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Motley Crue Greatest Hits Package Due Nov. 17

Mötley Crüe have announced plans for an updated version of their Greatest Hits, including a special never before heard remix of "The Animal In Me" and the Grammy nominated "Saints of Los Angeles" from the hit Saints of Los Angeles album. The remix of “The Animal In Me” comes from an interpretation by James Michael, who co-produced the song with Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba.

After playing to a million rock fans around the world over the past year with the recently completed Crüe Fest 2, the Saints of Los Angeles 2009 arena tour, headlining tour dates around the globe and last year’s Crüe Fest (which was the most successful touring rock festival of the summer) and over eighty million albums sold, the world’s most notorious rock band only knows how to do things huge.

The Crüe will offer a new version of their Greatest Hits in time for the 2009 holiday season and will include hits like “Dr. Feelgood,” “Without You,” “Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Kickstart My Heart,” “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)”, “Don’t Go Away Mad,” “If I Die Tomorrow,” “Saints of Los Angeles” and also a new remix of “The Animal In Me.” The album will be released on November 17.

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